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Quality of the work

  • Precision of the pieces
  • Regularity and constancy
  • Regular inspection of pieces during production by
    different executives
  • Respect of quantities
    and deadlines
  • Rigorous follow-up
    with routing order

New technologies - new machinery

New bender and new punching machine for more precision and constancy

Respect for deadlines

Our largest concern is to provide the best possible delivery according to the client's needs. All deadlines established with the client are respected.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions regarding our metal transformation products and services?

Here is a summary of the questions that Estampillage Leduc
is most frequently asked regarding metal bending, punching,
prototyping and stamping.

QWhat are the services offer by Estampillage Leduc?

AEstampillage Leduc is a metallurgy company specializing in the transformation of metal sheets and bars. We mainly offer CNC punching, CNC bending, metal stamping and prototyping. Thanks to our collaborators and sub-contractors, we also offer finishing services such as painting and plating.

QWhat are the normal delays for delivery (transportation)?

A Every client is unique. We therefore establish a delivery agreement with the client when we start a new project or receive a new order. Generally, delivery takes from one (1) to three (3) weeks.

QWhat is the level of precision of your metal transformation machinery?

A Our machines are highly efficient and their precision is approximately 0.005 thousandths of an inch.

QWhat degree of tolerance do the metal products have?

A Each metal product has a specific degree of tolerance and resistance. Our experts have several years experience in this field and they focus on the specificities of each material they handle in order to ensure quality and precision in their final products.

To find out more about metal products and their characteristics, contact us.

QWhat is the rate?

AFor each project, we take time with you to assess your needs in order to offer you the best services on the market. For small quantities, our rates are more than competitive! Estampillage Leduc is THE best solution for 1 to 2000 pieces of metal.

QWhere are you located?

A We are located at 23, rue Leduc in Granby, Quebec.
You can easily contact us by calling 450-378-5511
You may email us at any time at:

QWhat distinguishes you in the metal industry in Quebec?

AEstampillage Leduc is a family company that has risen to a prominent position thanks to the superior quality of its services:

  • Quick response to requests for estimates
  • Best possible price according to the quantity requested
  • Quality control based on strict standards
  • Regular inspections of ongoing production
  • Exactness with regard to number of pieces sent
  • Respect for deadlines
  • Courteous, fast and efficient service
  • Spirit of collaboration and friendliness
  • Concern for the environment (ecological work methods)
  • Focus on sustainable development